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Chimney Sweeping & Inspections, Chimney Building & Repair from York, Pennsylvania

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Mr. Chimney Sweep Inc. in York, Pennsylvania, performs chimney sweeping and inspections, and chimney building and repair to ensure all parts of your chimney are in perfect working order.
Chimney Sweeping & Inspections
Our company believes that a clean, well-maintained chimney is a safe chimney, so we offer thorough inspections, as well as superior chimney sweeping.
Starting from the bottom, our crew examines the firebox, the damper, the throat area, and the bottom of the flue for damage and use.

Then, we check from the top down. We look for loose bricks and creosote buildup, and we check flue tiles. We search for signs of cracks or missing pieces in tiles, as well as missing mortar joints between the tiles.

During our inspection, we check for creosote buildup. If there's a lot—that means fire danger. Finally, our crew looks over the crown to ensure it's free of cracks or deterioration.
Chimney Relining
Masonry Work
Wood Stove
Usually when a chimney is relined, it is because there's a brand-new wood stove insert or a free-standing stove. This requires us to downsize the chimney to the correct size for the stove.

For a new high-efficiency gas or oil-powered furnace, you often have to downsize the flue to accommodate the ... Read more
Blocked chimneys are very dangerous, so allow us to ensure the safety of your chimney through masonry work, such as chimney rebuilding, re-pointing, and re-flashing. Loose bricks can fall from inside the chimney and cause blockage, or fall off the roof and damage the roof, damage vehicles, or even injure someone standing below.
For safety's sake, when our crew installs a wood stove, we also reline the chimney with a stainless steel liner. This helps to maintain an airtight seal. You don't want fumes escaping, or water seeping in to damage your chimney. Most jobs can be completed the same day, unless additional work is needed. All of our work is guaranteed.
Contact us to request a free estimate on chimney work for the safety of your home and family.